Lucifers Fire

Unleash the beast you really are! We introduce you the first five products that will kick-off the next sexual revolution. From now on it's for her own pleasure. Lucifers Fire gives women sexual freedom and sexual independence.

Sexual Arousal Capsules

This is what you always wanted them to make. The Sexual Arousal Capsules is going to increase the number of women with sex addictions.

Libido Lust Capsules

To improve your sex life you need to build up your sex drive. 1 capsule per day for 30 days and your appetite for sex will hit the roof.

Libido Cocktail Mix

For love couples that like to add some spice to their drinks for more daring ending evenings.

Pussy Tightening Gel

Tight. I'll show you tight. Let me squeeze the last drop out of you. Because I can.

Libido Jelly Sticks

Sexual desire could use a boost every now and then. The Libido Jelly Sticks have a fresh lemon taste and are therefore a tasty treat for women who want to increase their libido.